Private Live Streaming

Private Live Streaming

Private streaming service is provided by StreamHash to enhance certain safety features.  Private Live Streaming Services ensure that people are password protected when they are live streaming in certain cases. People do not want unscrupulous elements destroying their peace of mind while live streaming to friends and so on.  So, StreamHash prepares turnkey software for private video streaming which is password protected.  Through this, people can video chat with their friends and relatives, do professional meetings, one to one counseling sessions, conduct tutorials with enhanced security and so on.  Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook Live which enables live video streaming are all password protected.  People can control who is in their video streaming list.  So, through StreamHash, you will be able to provide private video streaming which will enable people to discern accordingly.  In this way, you and your team can provide a good service and also make good money.

Private Streaming Video Service and Password Protection:

StreamHash provides private video streaming software that is password protected.  If you and your team want to start a private video streaming service, then you can get this done in a matter of a few hours, less than 2 hours!  The private video streaming coding provided by StreamHash is of top quality and ensures that the website is dynamic and responsive.  There is a comprehensive admin panel for private video streaming security requirements.  The servers deployed by StreamHash are NGINX1 for video streaming and Apache 1 for web pages.  Also, Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) technology is used by StreamHash which ensures no buffering and low latency, so private video streaming is of enhanced quality.  So, if you and your team would like to provide private streaming video service and make good money, you can contact us.

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