One To One Live Streaming

One to One Live Streaming


StreamHash provides one to one live streaming service that helps people connect to their loved ones spread across the globe.  One to one live streaming could also be for professional business meetings, tutorials, social meetups, counseling sessions and so on.  Just like Skype, Gtalk, Whatsapp and so on, you can start a new revolution on one to one live streaming.   Discuss your innovative ideas with us on one to one live streaming, and we will help you create your very own one to one live streaming platform.

How to Set Up Live Streaming

StreamHash provides powerful white-labeled turnkey software to set up a live streaming platform for one to one video sessions.  You can do the entire setup within 2 hours with StreamHash services.  You just need to discuss your ideas, and we will provide you with the required software.  We provide a dynamic and responsive script with admin panel and monetization channels for your very own one to one live streaming website or app.  We also deploy NGINX 1 server for video streaming and Apache 1 server for webpages, so that you do not have to worry about servers for the setup.  StreamHash also uses RTMP which stands for Real Time Messaging Protocol Technology for easy real-time communication to live stream effectively.  RTMP ensures no buffering and supports low latency.  So, do contact us, and we will clear all your doubts on how to set up live your own streaming one to one platform.  You can share your innovative ideas with us, and we will provide the one to one live streaming services to start your own niche one to one live streaming business and make good money.

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