White Label Video Streaming: How Does It Work?

White Label Video Streaming: How Does It Work?

Video streaming, both on-demand and live are essential tools for businesses of all types. As major networks and studios continue to launch their streaming services, you need to offer content libraries broad to attract new customers and retain existing customers. 

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic is contributing to the remarkable growth of video streaming marketing due to the rising adoption of streaming as more people are subscribing to these entertainment platforms. To point out, the video streaming market is expected to grow from $42.60 billion in 2019 at an annual growth of 20.4% from 2020 to 2027

Here is what Asia pacific video streaming market size looks like from 2016-2017.



Considering this immense growth of the industry, many digital media and broadcast providers are putting in their efforts to build new platforms for customers to access different types of content like music, videos, and other types of entertaining and informative content. The emergency situation COVID-19 has positively impacted global video streaming growth and the adoption of white-label video streaming in general. 

What is white-label video streaming?

A white label product is something that is manufactured by one company and sold to other companies to be reused and sold as their own. When it comes to video streaming, white-label streaming means broadcasting your content with customized features and branding of your own. 

Simply put, white-label is a term that refers to something without branding. For example, a video streamed from youtube will have its logo on the player.  

Now, what is a white-label platform? A white-label video platform is an online video platform that comes equipped with a white-label video player and the necessary tools to customize it according to your needs. When your audience watches your content, they will associate your brand with the content and not the service you used to host or stream it. 

With easy-to-navigate online video platforms and new integrations, white-label video streaming no more requires technical expertise to get started. Whether you are offering video on demand or live streaming solutions, you can benefit from a white-label streaming service to promote your unique video content. 

Advantages of using a white label video streaming

The advantages of white label streaming to business are several. While label streaming platforms do not just offer professional video players for video on demand and live streaming solutions, it also offers offer branding solutions, video monetization, and a lot more. 

In particular, white-label video streaming allows you to add your logo to your video content which helps to facilitate greater recognition of your brand to your audience. It also supports the aesthetic and functional personalization of the website in terms of colors and dimensions. The fundamental idea of white-label streaming is to allow broadcasters to maintain ownership of their content through the streaming process both from the customer and legal perspective. Not just that, there are more advantages to white label video streaming. Let’s look into those. 

Control over the content

You might have heard stories of videos or live streams taken down from major platforms without any prior warning. The problem might not be always about copyrighted content. Your content could still be taken down even if you own the copyright or follow the rules. Paid solutions generally don’t monitor the content in the same automated way like social media platforms or other free services do. With white label video streaming, you have control over the content and if you meet all legal requirements, you can reduce the risk of your content being taken down without any explanations. 

Advertisement free watching experience

Most free platforms allow you to host your content for free. Instead of a monthly fee, you pay for it by allowing advertising on your videos. But, you won’t have any control over the content of advertisements either. It could be advertisements of your competitors or something not relatable to your content. 

In both cases, you might lose your customers to your competitors. If you have watched videos on youtube you might have noticed the advertisements that come before the content, in the middle, or at the end. Some ads might be non-skippable as well so your audience might stop watching your videos. With white-label platforms, you won’t have to give someone else the control to interrupt your content. 

You choose the quality

Free services put limits on what you can upload or stream Thye can limit the file size, playing time, bitrate, or support a few video formats. When it comes to live streaming, it can restrict the resolution, streaming time, bitrate, and the number of viewers. However, white-label streaming service allows you to choose the quality of your videos, streaming time, resolution, playtime, and other factors that you cannot get with a free service with limitations. 

Control over video placement 

With white label platforms, there are no limitations on content placement. If you want to place your videos on the homepage of the site, you can place it there. Or if you want to put your videos behind a paywall, you are free to do it as well. The player you use is customizable so you can personalize it to deliver the viewing experience you want. 

Video monetization

With a built-in paywall of the white-label platform, you can accept payment in the player and your viewers can easily pay for the video content. This built-in paywall integration allows you to control rates, offer exclusive offers, and offer easy access to your content. 


If you are planning to invest in creating videos for your business, it is worth using a white-label platform that allows you to maintain control and ownership of your content. 

These affordable streaming solutions are designed to offer your streaming services the support you need to establish a successful position in the industry. With white-label streaming, you can customize your video player with your branding, colors you like, monetization integrations, and more. Not sure whether to use a white label streaming service or not? If you need assistance in choosing a white label solution for your video streaming business, get in touch with us for further guidance.