In the current scenario, one of the most sought after live video streaming platforms is Facebook live video streaming. There is no doubt that live video streaming is the future and Facebook saw its potential and invested heavily to tap on its billion user base. Mark Zuckerberg is a pioneer in analyzing its utility and future and put forward his thoughts on live video streaming in the most logical way possible. Facebook invested a great amount in 2015 to give its user base the taste of live streaming videos. They launched live streaming for the public on April 2016, where it was first opened only to the celebrities. The future of video streaming is clearly evident in the below-mentioned points:

Video is the new Information Medium

Compared to the 8-10 yesteryear trends, when text was more prominent in the communication sphere, every social media platform was based on the text communication. It then gradually translated to photos. Facebook too hosted large number of photos till date and is continuously doing so. People expressed their emotions and thoughts through photographs. Facebook purchased Instagram to extend its user base in this zone. The internet trend now shows that at present, the maximum demand of communication among people is through videos. The video is easy to comprehend and one can quickly grasp things which are said in videos as compared to text. Analytic data shows that in the newer future, video will far supersede any other form of communication on internet. Keeping this trend in mind, Mark Zuckerberg and his team invested heavily in Facebook Live streaming.

Video gives the Sense of Reality

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People have a liking and inclination towards things which give them the feeling of reality. Video has that capacity over any other form of communication. You can almost sense the person sitting in front of you in the video. The emotional connect over video is far more than one can expect on a live chat. It greatly rules out the communication gap. It gives room to have a clear understanding of things as they are. Facebook live streaming allows people to be connected with their friends and family live. All you require is your smartphone with a good internet connection.  What we generally see in TV shows and events, is a scripted show.  Facebook live streaming allows seeing the event or showing live, without any script or planning. It is raw and immediate.

Accessible to All

Gone are the days when live video was believed to be a hefty task. The internet bandwidth available to normal users and companies was also low. The cost of instruments involved was high. There were less number of people exposed to this technology. But now, it is available to every person on the planet who has a smartphone and decent internet connectivity. The Facebook live streaming video just requires few taps on your phone to be connected live. People enjoy face to face conversations more. Also, it allows them to connect with people whom they seldom meet physically. Facebook Live streaming gives people the feeling that they are going places with their friends and family. The future of video streaming is bright, with many opportunities to unfold. Technology has actually taken out the inertia from the system. It has disrupted the concentration of power in limited hands. Anyone can post their live video. Anyone can post their views on the content being offered.

Two Way Communication

One of the most advanced features of live streaming is that people are allowed to comment. There is a two-way communication. Seldom, in a TV show, you see what is being recorded or pre-planned. Audience comments sent through phone or the internet are separately received. In Facebook live streaming, people can comment their views instantly. This also allows the presenter of the video to interact with the audience at the same time. In training videos, this helps to clear the doubts. In conversation video, this makes the room to answer the questions posted by viewers instantly. There is also a trend analytics that live video garners 10 times more comments than a TV show or a recorded talk show. The instant reactions seem more realistic to millennials. It gives an opportunity for celebrities to have a live conversation with their fans. Also, it gives fans an opportunity to pose their questions to their favorite movie star, soccer star etc.

New Platform for Television Content

Thanks to major television shows, content is also moving online. People no longer want to restrict themselves to any single device. They want to watch the latest season of their favorite series on mobile. Some prefer to watch them on Laptops and the choice goes on. There are many events, matches which people wish to see moment by moment. Live streaming allows them to have this opportunity at their disposal. There are many TV channels which pose their content live on internet. It is unlike past where the choice of content was limited. Producers of the content are on their toes to produce the best possible content. If they don’t produce quality content, audience is empowered enough today to give them live feedback.

Ideal for Business Enterprises

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Corporates can benefit greatly with the live streaming facility. They can have better work dynamics in the office. Live meetings allow people to have better communication with their respective teams. They can have good emotional connect with each other. Communication gap can reduce to a great extent. The text communication largely misses out the true emotion behind the message. Live video meetings can fill the gap. It can also reduce the time for action considerably. Facebook live streaming can allow them to showcase the event to a large number of people. They can benefit with the live feedback, which can give them opportunity to improve. They can use live streaming to conduct training and recruiting programs. The product launches, interviews, backstage activities all can be showcased on Facebook live streaming.

Emotional Connect

People in the world wish to say a lot of things to the world from their own personal space. Some would like to share his or her happiness. Many would seek accolades, appreciation for their recent achievements. Some people would like to share their knowledge. There are people who wish to seek help. Social media is connecting all these people on one platform to fulfill their wishes. The Facebook live streaming allows them to be acknowledged in more accepting way. People can directly communicate to the huge user base of Facebook and can spread their message and thoughts instantly. The emotional connect with the real person speaking, exceeds far than somebody posting a photo or expressing in text.

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